3rd International Symposium – Soft Tissue Management Around Teeth and Implants

Dr. Massimo de Sanctis
Firenze (Italy), 7 y 8 de febrero de 2020
· 08/02/2020


The Third International Symposium will be held in Florence from 7 to 8 February 2020, under the patronage of the Italian College of University Teachers in Odontostomatological Disciplines, my own University – Vita e Salute-San Raffaele – and the Universities of Florence, Pisa and Siena:

Milan and the Tuscany together for the first time for a congress in periodontology!

Recent studies into the behaviour of soft tissues and their properties, continuous improvement in the knowledge of healing mechanisms after mucogingival surgery and, even more importantly, findings on the importance of soft tissues in maintaining peri-implant health, have considerably increased the use and reliability of soft tissue surgery. Surgical techniques previously used only on single teeth have been now been transferred to implants as well as for the treatment of lesions affecting multiple sites.

Every single speaker on the program of this Third Symposium will be worth the trip and your participation!

Prof. Klaus Lang will lend his authority to an opening talk on the clinical and biological importance of soft tissues around teeth and implants before handing over to speakers and clinical researchers who have brought about impressive advances in the surgical techniques available to us today. Updated and new surgical techniques will be discussed in great detail for educational purposes, with notes on indications, role in routine clinical practice, biological, therapeutic and aesthetic expectations, and long-term stability.

This Symposium will offer you the biological bases and clinical indications for the most appropriate surgical techniques to apply in your professional practice; it will guide you through this fascinating field where science, aesthetics and health meet.

Pictures and brief Curriculum Vitae of the Speakers: HERE

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Friday, February the 7th


Opening Ceremony

Chairman: Filippo Graziani


Opening Lecture: The clinical and biological relevance of soft tissue around teeth and implants

Niklaus P. Lang


The multiple coronal advanced flap: 20 years of clinical experience

Giovanni Zucchelli




Soft tissue augmenting procedure in immediate implants

Fabio Vignoletti



Chairman: Francesco Cairo


The importance of soft tissue augmentation procedures around implant

Daniel Thoma


Use of connective tissue substitutes in gingival recessions

Michael K. McGuire



Chairman: Raffaele Vinci


The influence of connective tissue on crestal bone stability

Tomas Linkevicius


The esthetic relationship between soft tissue and prosthetic rehabilitation

Vivianne Chappuis


The human factor in implant failure

Franck Renouard


Round Table – Q&A

Saturday, February the 8th


Chairmen: Nicola Discepoli – Luca Landi


The tunnel technique in multiple recession coverage
Ion Zabalegui


The modified tunnel technique in multiple recession coverage
Sofia Aroca      



Soft tissue management in regenerative periodontal surgery
Pierpaolo Cortellini


Soft tissue management in bone regeneration surgical techniques
Massimo Simion


The use of connective tissue in multiple gingival recessions
Massimo de Sanctis


Round Table – Q&A


Congress Venue

Palazzo dei Congressi di Firenze
Piazza Adua, 1
50123 Florence – Italy
Tel: +39 055 49721 – Fax: +39 055 49 73 237
Website: www.firenzefiera.it


The official languages of the Symposium are English and Italian. Simultaneous translation will be provided from Italian to English and viceversa.


Attendance to the Symposium is open to Dentists, Doctorate degree Students; those attending the Post-graduate Course of Odontostomatology and Students attending the faculty of Dentistry and Prosthodontics.

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Scientific Committee

Prof Enrico Gherlone – President
Prof Marco Ferrari
Prof Mario Gabriele
Prof Gabriella Pagavino


Organizing Secretariat:

MJ Eventi
Via del Gelsomino, 20
50136 Florence – Italy
Tel: +39 055 49721 – Fax: +39 055 49 73 237

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