Biological basis and clinical decision in the use of the tunnel technique for multiple recession coverage

Dr. Sofía Aroca
Zoom Platform, 4 de mayo de 2020
· 04/05/2020


Let’s discuss and immerse into the biology of the tissues in order to have a better understanding of the  surgical management of them when treating recession type defects. Our purpose is to create  a favourable environement in order the healing take place and that  is only possible when it  is clear in our mind how the evaluation of the clinical situation must be carried out. This understanding  play a paramount role  when the goal is to cover completely  a recession type defect in other words when the goal is to restaure the integrity of the superficiel periodontium.

Therefore , I would like, in this  presentation to share my clinical knowledge and experience  in a particular surgical protocol to manage successfully the soft tissue defects around teeth and to provide a deep knowledge to the clinicians in order them apply in their daily clinical practice.

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