A decision-making tree for evaluating an esthetically compromised single dental implant

Abdusalam Alrmali BDS, MFDS RCS, MDS, Sandra Stuhr DMD, MS, Muhammad H. A. Saleh BDS, MS, Jessica Latimer DDS, MS, Joseph Kan DDS, MS, Dennis P. Tarnow DDS, Hom-Lay Wang DDS, MS, PhD
A decision-making tree - Featured image
This clinical decision tree illustrates numerous case scenarios with various esthetic complications around an esthetically compromised, but clinically healthy single implant and provides clinicians with possible solutions as a predictable map for horizontal and vertical soft tissue augmentation in order to manage different clinical circumstances. According to current evidence, the key to treating such esthetic complications is the use of an adequate pre-surgical prosthetic interdisciplinary approach with proper surgical techniques in order to optimize soft tissue dimensions and create better esthetic results. This may be accomplished through a purely surgical, combination of surgical and prosthetic, or purely prosthetic approaches. The present report describes a series of successfully treated periimplant esthetic complication cases in accordance with the decision-making tree that the authors recommend in order to achieve better long-term esthetic outcomes

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