Platelet Rich Fibrin Technology
Richard Miron

Webinar: Updates in Platelet Rich Fibrin Technology Including its Application in Facial Esthetics

The use of platelet concentrates has had a long-history of use in various fields of medicine as an autologous source of growth factors fabricated utilizing centrifugation of blood under various conditions. While platelet rich plasma (PRP) was proposed as a first-generation platelet concentrate over 3 decades ago, over the past 10 years, platelet rich fibrin (PRF) has seen a steady increase in utilization for a variety of medical procedures due to its lack of anti-coagulation factors favoring fibrin clot formation and faster wound healing.

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Zero bone loss
Tomas Linkevicius

Webinar: Zero bone loss concepts

It seems like crestal bone loss was with us forever, and that really for majority of clinicians became a norm. Maybe that’s because we all have been taught by Albrektsson et al from 1986, that 1.5 mm of bone loss within the first year of loading can be considered as a success, if later bone loss does not exceed 0.2 mm annually. There are so many possible reasons for bone loss, that dentists think that is not possible to control all of them and tend to give up the idea of crestal bone stability. However, I consider it outdated and not accepting the idea that bone loss in unavoidable.

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Oral rehabilitation with miniplates
Ertty Silva

Webinar: Rehabilitating orthodontics, preparation for oral rehabilitation with miniplates

During this talk we will address the new possibilities that advanced mechanics with miniplates offer us in the preparation of cases for oral rehabilitation. We will explain how we perform the management of the occlusal plane in the three planes of the space to achieve a functional occlusion and the condilos in central relation before the rehabilitation. In this way, we achieve the stability of the entire stomatog netic system.

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S.M.A.R.T Technique. Aesthetic Implantology
Ernesto A. Lee

Webinar: S.M.A.R.T. Technique: New Paradigms in Aesthetic Implantology

The presence of tissue defects leads to aesthetic complications in implantology. The S.M.A.R.T. technique was developed with the purpose of preserving gingival architecture in high-risk cases. Literature has shown that traditional ROG often results in deformations of peri-implant tissues. S.M.A.R.T. is a minimally invasive technique of bone regeneration mediated by growth factors

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Interproximal periodontal CAL
Be Dental Expert Training

Webinar: Interproximal periodontal CAL gain

According to the last classification of periodontal diseases the interproximal clinical attachment level is a key parameter to diagnose the disease and set the prognosis. Is it possible to gain the IP-CAL lost with the disease?

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