Complete restorative esthetic digital workflow

Dr. Nazariy Mykhaylyuk
Madrid, October 21 & 22, 2022
· 08/02/2022


Day 1. Lecture and live demonstrations.

Throughout the years proper protocols were created by top world specialists.

Then, microscopes and other magnification systems were introduced into a daily practice, and now it is difficult to imagine dentistry without them.

Everything seemed completed. But no…
Modern dentistry moves one. We are going digital.


  • Analogue Digital dentistry
  • Patient’s first Proper communication.
  • Photo/video documentation
  • Digital CR position determination.
  • Modjaw 4D integration
  • Digital Scanning strategies
  • Face scanning as powerful tool
  • 3D design of future smile in lab
  • 3D printing
  • Mock-up transfer
  • Micro invasive preparation for crowns and
  • Importance of Loupes and microscopes.
  • Fabrication of provisional
  • Final restorations
  • Milling
  • 3D staining
  • Importance of
  • Bonding
  • Final

Day 2.

  1. Short presentation about preparation for veneers and
  2. Pre scanning with intra oral
  3. Preparation of 5 teeth for veneers and (Live demo and hands-on)
  4. Final scanning with intra oral (Live demo and hands-on)
  5. Fabrication of provisional (Live demo and hands-on)

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2495 €


  • LANGUAGE: English with simultaneous translation into Spanish.
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