Go Digital!

Digital Orthodontics from Diagnosis to CAD/CAM Design
Dr. Milivoj Sherrington Puratic
Madrid, May 21 to 24, 2024
· 21/05/2024

Do you want to learn how to use digital tools in orthodontics, even if you are a beginner in technology?

Can you imagine being able to significantly improve your workflow with free and accessible digital tools?

Are you intrigued by the possibility of designing your own orthodontic appliances digitally?

Would you like to learn how to use software without expensive licenses like Bluesky Plan, Radiant DICOM Viewer and Microsoft PowerPoint to boost your practice?

How would being able to visualize impacted teeth and simulate treatments in 3D change your approach to orthodontics?

Is Diagnosis an important phase of treatments and would you like to digitalize it 100%?


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This will be the twelfth edition of this course, being the second time it has been held in Spain. During four intensive days, we will explore digital orthodontics beyond aligners, ranging from diagnosis to the design of various orthodontic devices.

The course is designed to provide the essential tools to enable orthodontists, with varying levels of computer skills, to bring their daily practice from an analog form to a digital environment. A progressive learning curve has been structured, starting with more familiar concepts and moving towards more sophisticated levels of knowledge. This makes it an ideal course for those who want to enter the world of digital orthodontics, ranging from diagnosis to the manufacture of physical elements designed using computational tools.

The primary goal of this course is to remove barriers to accessing the digital tools currently available for clinical professionals, allowing them to understand how these tools can significantly improve their workflow. This purpose will be achieved through the use of accessible software, mostly free and with minimal hardware requirements.


  1. Know the digitalization of diagnosis, planning and manufacturing in orthodontics.
  2. Understand dental photography and video as a fundamental clinical examination in diagnosis.
  3. Learn to extract and organize information from DICOM files for 3D images.
  4. Learn to process digital dental models to obtain diagnostic information.
  5. Learn to use software to Simulate and plan orthodontic treatment.
  6. Learn to design orthodontic appliances such as TAD guides and Aligners.


The Classes have an increasing learning curve, so contact with digital elements, from simple to complex, ensures applicable learning from the first day of the course.

All classes are recorded to be reviewed after the course.

Written support will be provided for the development of the exercises.

The main topics of the course are Diagnosis, Planning and Treatment Design.


Dr. Milivoj Sherrington Puratic V2

Dr. Milivoj Sherrington Puratic

Dr. Sherrington is an orthodontist trained in Chile who is an opinion leader in Latin America. He has taken on the mission of bringing digital orthodontics to everyone, reducing the barriers to entry to this technology.

He has been teaching digital diagnosis and planning courses since 2014 and has been in more than 10 countries, including Spain, Holland, Mexico, Argentina and Ecuador.



2D Digital Diagnostics

  • Introduction to Digital Diagnosis in Orthodontics
  • Presentation of the Biolink diagnostic protocol
  • Introduction and Characteristics of Clinical Photography
  • Clinical Photography Technique, Cameras and Cell Phones
  • Clinical photo editing
  • Standardization of size, color and framing in Dental Photography

3D Digital Diagnostics

  • 3D Radiological Diagnosis
  • Image quality in 3D RX
  • Radiation and diagnosis
  • DICOM files
  • DICOM information extraction
  • Analysis of transversal aspects
  • Analysis of biological bases
  • PowerPoint Templates
  • DICOM Image Extraction Exercises


Digital Models

  • 3D dental models
  • Intraoral scanner theory and description/comparison
  • Scanning Technique – (SIRONA – MEDIT- Straumman)
  • Diagnosis in Digital Models
  • Practical exercises
  • Digital Articulators and Digital Pantographs
  • Assembly of the virtual articulator (Bluesky Plan)

3D planning

  • Viewing Retained Teeth
  • Vertical control simulation (sectional models)
  • 3D Treatment Objectives Prototype (VTO3D)
  • Planning for Temporary Bone Anchors (TAD)
  • Simulation and planning in Orthodontics for Orthognathic C.
  • Design of Orthodontic Aligners


Registration before April 22, 2024

€ 1.500,00

Alumni registration

€ 1.300,00

Registration after April 22, 2024

€ 1.800,00




Calle de Orense, 3. 28020.
Madrid, Spain


From 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. (Saturday half day)




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