Management of Atrophic Posterior Mandible (Online)

Dr. Homa Zadeh
Zoom Platform, May 6 and 7, 2020
· 07/05/2020


EDUCATIONAL FORMAT – online course

This is a course with blended learning. Some lectures are available online and can be accessed on-demand. There are also live online lectures and hands-on workshops with opportunity to directly interact with the faculty and receive feedback on the workshop simulated excercises.All materials for hands-on workshops will be shipped to participants to allow for completion of workshops. – Recorded lectures: with on-demand access -Live interactive hands-on workshops.


  • Identification of peri-implant mucosal deficiencies and relationship to outcome
  • Risk Assessment: Patient and site characteristics
  • Management of patient/site risks
  • Esthetic assessment and planninng
  • Evidence on efficacy of soft tissue augmentation in promoting peri-implant tissue stability
  • Keratinized mucosa vs mucosal thickness: which is more important?
  • Biology of wound healing of peri-implant mucosa
  • Peri-implant mucosal recession: prevention and treattment
  • Interndental papilla management & augmentation
  • Pontic contour augmentation
  • Mucosal augmentation around extraction sockets
  • Material Selection:
  • Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF)
  • Flap design for various soft tissue aug techniques
  • Suture techniques: to stablize tissue
  • Soft tissue management:
  • Significance of Vestibular depth
  • Complications

Pre- and post-operative Care:

  • Antibiotics & Antiseptics
  • Anti-inflammatory agents
  • Supplements

Live Interactive Hands-on Workshop simulated Excercises

  • VISTA for treatment of peri-implant mucosal deficiencies
  • Contour augmentation
  • Donor tissue harvesting techniques:
  • Lateral palate tissue harvesting
  • Tuberosity tissue harvesting & processing
  • Fibrin/collagen Immobilizarion Vestibular Extension (FIVE)

Video surgery demonstration

  • VISTA for treatment of peri-implant mucosal deficiencies
  • Contour augmentation
  • Immediate socket soft tissue augmentation
  • Donor tissue harvesting techniques:
  • Lateral palate tissue harvesting
  • Tuberosity tissue harvesting & processing
  • Fibrin Immobilizarion Vestibular Extension (FIVE)

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Online lecutres accessed on-demand: 4 hours

May 6, 8:00 to 10:00 AM (Los Angeles time): live lecture

May 7, 8:00 to 10:00 AM (PST): live hands-on workshop

CE units

8 hours


Peri-implant bone has been long considered the most critical factor for long-term maintenance of dental implant health. Peri-implant soft tissues have frequently been regarded to be important for esthetics of implant-supported restorations. However, recent evidence has demonstrated the significance of the quantity & quality of peri-implant mucosa for the long-term health of peri-implant tissues. A decision tree will be presented for soft tissue augmentation needs. A variety of soft tissue augmentation procedures have been employed for augmentation of peri-implant mucosal deficiencies. The “vestibular incision subperiosteal tunnel access ” (VISTA) is suited for peri-implant soft tissue augmentation. The hands-on work-shop will provide participants with practical experience with protocols used for peri-implant soft tissue augmentation. The live surgery demonstration will illustrate the complete protocol.

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On-demand access to online course lectures Live lecture and live hands-on workshop 2-way shipping of all course material

  • Printed handouts
  • Simulation model
  • Instruments and workshop material
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