MasterClass ZBLC in Immediate Implants

Dr. Tomas Linkevicius
Online course, 13 Episodes
· 10/03/2024


There are obvious reasons why immediate implants should be part of our daily practice. However, this treatment modality is often demonized and avoided. This must change, but it can only happen if clinicians change their point of view. Clear advantages of immediate implants include:

  1. Maintenance of soft tissue architecture prior to extraction
  2. Tooth-like soft tissue profile
  3. Fewer functional problems in posterior implants
  4. More aesthetic result in the anterior area
  5. Faster treatment for patients and the dentist

All this is much more difficult or sometimes even impossible to achieve with delayed/delayed implants.

How many of us know the exact answers to the following questions? I do not mean a simple explanation, but a real knowledge step by step.

  1. How are immediate implants integrated?
  2. How is the tooth profile maintained?
  3. How do peri-implant soft tissues develop after immediate implant placement?
  4. How is zero bone loss (ZBLC) achieved in immediate implants?
  5. How is primary implant stability achieved?


  • Rationale for immediate implantation I. Why should we place immediate implants? (1:38:37) FREE!!!
  • Rational basis for immediate implementation II. Why are immediate implants still considered risky? (1:17:02)
  • Why are immediate implants successful? I. Osseointegration, profile and peri-implant tissues (1:30:50)
  • Why are immediate implants successful? II. Primary Stability and Crestal Bone Levels (1:31:55)
  • Immediate Implant Placement in Molar Region I. Implant Depth, Stability, Bone Grafting, Healing Abutments, and Soft Tissue Grafting (1:14:00)
  • Immediate implant placement in molar region II. Types A, B and C (1:01:09)
  • Immediate implants in premolars (0:29:11)
  • Immediate implants in the aesthetic region (Coming soon, 2:11:19)
  • Restorative Secrets of Immediate Implants (1:51:27)
  • Complications that could be avoided (1:00:14)
  • Immediate implantation in type A molars. Live surgery (35:52)
  • Immediate implantation in the anterior area. Live surgery (47:30)
  • Immediate implantation in type B molars. Live surgery (37:11)
  • Placement of full arch All-on-5 implants. Live Surgery (50:28)

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