Minimally Invasive Soft Tissue Grafting: The Science behind the Surgery

Dr. Edward P. Allen
Zoom Platform, April 23, 2020
· 23/04/2020


Root coverage grafting has progressed from use of palatal donor tissue to use of allografts. Recipient site preparation has improved from open sites requiring surface incisions to pouch and tunnel preparations with no surface incisions. These advances have produced results demonstrated in controlled trials to be equivalent to the more invasive alternative procedures while enhancing esthetics as well as the patient’s experience during and after surgery. Application of current proven minimally invasive grafting techniques using a new xenograft, NovoMatrix, available in Spain, Italy, Germany and the UK will be shown.

Upon completion of this presentation, participants will be able to:

  1. Discuss the evolution of soft tissue grafting techniques.
  2. Cite the evidence for improved outcome parameters with allografts in the tunnel technique.
  3. Describe the advantages of NovoMatrix in the tunnel technique.

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