Dr. Lizette Llamosa
Madrid. Face to face Course
· 10/03/2024


Dr. Lizzete Llamosa
Directs the Medical Center of Periodontal and Microscopic Implantology in the Zambrano Hellion-Tec Health Hospital in México. Professor at the Autonmous University in Nuevo León, Clinical Professor of the School of Medicine and Health Sciences Tec Health. One of the pioneers in periodontal microsurgery and implantology in México and Latin America.

Basics and avanced education in a high specialization course.
Our mission es to transmit the philosophy, the fundamental biological technicques of periodontal and implantology surgery using the microscope, thereby seeking perfection and innovation in our treatments.
“The participants will be guided towards a new and innovative microsurgical approach, as well as the acquisition of skills in this field”.

ECTS/certification: 4.5 credits

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3.000 €

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  • The student will obtain basic knowledge of periodontal surgery and microscopic implantology, leading to a general vision of the benefits to be gained in the use of the microscope in their clinical surgical practice.
  • The therapeutic advantages and benefits of using microsurgery compared to conventional macrosurgical procedures will be presented.


  • Acquire a working knowledge of the microscope.
  • Learn and understand the ergonomic posture and microscopic approach, the bases for stability and bimanual precision.
  • Become familiar with the use of the microscope for different procedures and surgical techniques, as well as the instrumental, suture and techniques used in the field of microsurgery.


  • History and background of microsurgery.
  • Importance of a microsurgical approach in modern periodontology and implantology.
  • Components of the microscope.
  • Microscopic ergonomics and its approach to periodontology.
  • Interaction between the microscope and the operator as a whole.
  • Microsurgical suture.


The course is designed for surgeons who are already familiar with the basic aspects of the use the periodontal and who wish to improve their hand skills in order to be able to deal with the high demands of modern periodontal microsurgery.

The program covers the theoretical precedents of the precise movements of the hands, as well as the technical and biological principles of periodontal plastic surgery. Similarly, the participants will also learn how to implement these minimally invasive approaches in their daily clinical work and their practical exercises. As a main focus of the course, advanced periodontal surgical techniques will be thought on a step by step approach.

  • Precision in the preparation of microsurgical flaps.
  • Command of the scalpel under large magnification in the different modalities of microscopic lap and suture.
  • Precision in minimally invasive microscopic, periodontal plastic surgery proceedings.
  • Implant positioning under microscopic magnification.


  • Personalized training: theoretical-practical
  • 7 Hands-on
  • 22 Accredited hours
  • Improved visual acuity.
  • Development of motor skills and improving surgical aptitudes.
  • Selection of ideal microsurgical instruments.
  • Selection of suture material and suture techniques.
  • Acquire new values and ideas in the field of periodontology.
  • Correct handling of surgical instruments in microsurgery.
  • Fundamentals of hand stability, precision and control (physiological trembling).
  • Bi-manual coordination
  • Ergonomics of hand posture and movements.
  • Design of microsurgical flaps in periodontal surgery and implantology.
  • Techniques of passive closure of wounds.
  • Insertion of soft tissue in microsurgery.
  • Task-sharing between the surgeon and the assistant.
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