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The Digital Revolution is changing the world: computers and digital devices are making what were previously manual tasks easier, faster, cheaper and more predictable.

Even in dentistry, digital technologies are rapidly advancing: intraoral, desktop and face scanners, cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), software for computer-assisted-design/ computer-assisted-manufacturing (CAD/CAM) and fabrication procedures like milling and 3D printing are changing the way we treat our patients.

For this reason, the International Digital Dentistry Society (DDS) has been formally established.

DDS Mission

dentists, students, technicians, software developers and engineers on the use of digital technologies in dentistry, through congresses, courses and seminars, high level publications and e-learning platforms, and therefore to help them in developing their professional knowledge and ability.

specific guidelines for the use of digital technologies in dentistry, in order to set and maintain high professional standars, which strengthen the power of Digital Dentistry worldwide.

and therefore validate the new digital technologies and products offered by the Dental Companies/Industries.

professional recognition for Members and Partner Companies/Industries.

affiliated Societies and Organization to promote their activities.

dentists, students, dental technicians, software developers and engineers, encouraging research, communication and collaboration between them, in order to stimulate opportunities for the advancement, extension and practice of Digital Dentistry worldwide.

the scientific potential, capability and achievements of Digital Dentistry.

with Dental Companies/Industries, in order to promote the role of Digital Dentistry worldwide.

mutual understanding and cooperation among the affiliated Societies of different countries.

interdisciplinary technological cooperation with other international organizations in the public and private sectors.

Scientific Comittee

Benefits of being an Active DDS Member

  • Regularly receive DDS Newsletter
  • Special purchase conditions on products of partner companies
  • Access to a basic online Education
  • Access to DDS E-learning Platform dedicated to the Active Members
  • Discounted fee at all DDS Global Events (20%)
  • Access to Elsevier Journal of Dentistry articles
  • Discounted Membership at Clean Implant Foundation
  • Possibility to become a DDS lecturer
  • Tuition Fee discount on M.Sc. in Dental Technology (MDT) and M.Sc. in Esthetic Dentistry (MED) program at Goethe University Frankfurt (10%)
  • Listed on DDS website
  • 10% Special discount to the DSD Courses and online Educational Platform
  • 25% discount on the DSDApp yearly subscription and 25% discount on DSDApp’s online Smile Designer Certification Course
  • 40% discount on all formats of the publication “Handbook of Research on Clinical Applications of Computerized Occlusal Analysis in Dental Medicine” by Dr. Robert B. Kerstein
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