Virtual Band Music Videos

Music is an international language and a “special friend” for both artists and listeners. And now, there’s a global virtual band of dental industry people who are putting out some great music videos.

GLOBAL MOLARS is an open collective of dental musicians who want to express their musical talents for all in the industry, by making parodies of top popular songs we all recognize – for the good, and fun, of dentistry.

Although there is a core group of about 6 members, every song has new and rotating dental musicians who can practice and record their parts on their own time, from wherever they are in the world – and then simply send in their recordings and video to be assembled and published by the band.

They’re seeking followers, shares, views, likes and even contributions or merchandise sales, if you like what they do – but they are especially open to more dental industry people (not just clinicians) requesting to join for a song…or more depending on your time. It’s a pretty simple process, for those who would like to play!


Please accept the Terms and Conditions to proceed.