Supra-Alveolar Periodontal Tissue Reconstruction in a Case with Severe Periodontitis

Yudai Ogawa, DDS, Shogo Maekawa, DDS, PhD, Kentaro Imamura, DDS, PhD, Tomohiro Ishikawa, DDS
Supra-Alveolar Periodontal Tissue Reconstruction - Featured image
This case report describes a patient with severe periodontitis that was treated with in supra-alveolar periodontal tissue reconstruction. This innovative surgical technique requires both horizontal buccal incisions and several vertical palatal incisions, avoiding the interdental papillae on the periodontal defect. Then, a space is created by suspending and fixating the flap coronally, and CTG and regenerative materials (such as recombinant human fibroblast growth factor-2) and bone graft material are applied. This technique has the potential to gain clinical attachment, achieve supra-/intraperiodontal regeneration, and enhance esthetic outcomes, including a reduced gingival recession and interdental papillae reconstruction.

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